Blue Mountains Oopabed Self-Heating Pet Bed


Square - 17" x 17"Small - 17" x 22"Medium - 26" x 34"Large - 34" x 48"Giant - 40" x 52"
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Oopabeds are super soft fleece on the top and bottom and have a special material on the inside that reflects your pets own body heat back up to them keeping them warm.

Oopabeds are our handmade self-heating pet beds. NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED! Oopabed can turn ANY regular pet bed into a heated bed just by placing our Oopabed on top! They are light weight, foldable and so universal! They can be place on top of any pet bed, in a crate, on a cat tree, taken camping, used as a blanket, put in the car, on the couch, ANYWHERE!

What makes these great is that there is little to no risk of your pet getting overheated by laying on them for extended periods of time, unlike traditional heated pet beds that you plug in. For instance, my cats sleep on their Oopabed all day! If they did that with an electric heating pad/bed, they would get overheated, possible burns or sores, etc.. We want them to be comfortably warm, not hot! Because of this, it makes these beds perfect for senior pets or pets with arthritis.

Your pet does not have to be a “hot” dog or cat that puts out a lot of body heat for our beds to work either. Our beds have been tested on senior dogs and cats that don’t have great blood circulation, we have even tested them on ill or passing pets with low body temperatures…and the beds have still worked great at keeping them warm and comfortable.

Oopabeds are 100% machine wash and dry!

Square – 17” x 17” Small – 17” x 22” Medium – 26” x 34” Large – 34” x 48” Giant – 40” x 52” *Please note that sizes may be slightly bigger or smaller than the size listed below due to them being handmade!*
Oopabeds are 100% machine washable! Machine wash with cold water and tumble dry on low-medium heat for best results. Please keep in mind that beds may shrink a little over time after being washed numberous times.


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