Wizard Dog Coat


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Our fleece-lined, decorative flannel dog coats are designed to keep dogs warm and cozy, including an attached fleece snood to protect their neck from the cold. Just slide over their head and wrap the ties around their waist and they're ready to go!


You want to measure the circumference of your dog's neck. Remember, you DO NOT want your dogs neck measurement to be exactly or bigger than the neck size above. This measurement is for the attached snood which you want to be loose fitting, unlike when you are shopping for a collar


  • Great Dane has a 25" neck and wears a XL-Large coat and the 28" fits perfectly.
  • St. Bernard has a 23" neck and wears a L-Large coat and the 28" also fits her perfectly.


You want to start at the base of their neck and measure down to the base of their tail. For the best fit, you want to account for an extra inch or two.


Do not measure the circumference of your dog's body/chest. For the chest measurement, you'll want to measure from their spine between their shoulder blades and measure down from there. You want to make sure it isn't too long or if you have a short dog, touch the floor.


Coats are 100% machine washable! Machine wash with cold water and tumble dry on low-medium heat for best results. Please keep in mind that coats may shrink a little over time after being washed numerous times.

Do NOT let pets chew on or ingest any part of the coat. Dog Coats are well constructed but not indestructible. Do not use if you have a pet that chews or is destructive. Do not leave pets unattended while wearing our Coats. Dog Coats should not be kept on pet 24/7 or for any long period of time, ESPECIALLY if unattended! We are not responsible for any injuries, illnesses or death caused by negligence or misuse of the our Coats.


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